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Exclusively for Women: How to Discover — & Follow — Your True Calling

“Your  compassion has been heaven sent and provided a safe place for me to explore the ‘where to’ of this walk on the earth.”     (Janelle)

What if you could find the freedom and fulfilment that you long for…..

and start living the life you came to live…

Have you ever wanted to escape from the hum-drum or the peak-hour traffic…

to feel a greater sense of purpose?

Do you listen to the whisperings of your own inner voice….

beckoning you to bring out your true gifts and talents?

Or does that little voice get lost, in the noise of the busy day…

Just imagine what it would be like to express more of the real YOU….

the You you’ve always wanted to be.

In case we haven’t yet met, my name is Miriam Schafer…

And about 17 years ago I asked myself those same questions.

I was working for a boss at the time.

And even though he was the best boss in the world…

and I was living overseas, travelling with my job….

I knew I wasn’t really expressing my TRUE SELF…

I was living an exciting life…. but I was still frustrated….

I actually felt invisible….

Because I was supporting someone ELSE’s dreams… and not my own.

Deep inside I knew that there was something more I was called to do….

Have you ever felt that way?

I knew there had to be an answer…. to find the “bigger picture” meaning to my life.

I had already lived in 6 different countries, changing jobs, getting promoted…

But nothing seemed to change at that inner level.

That’s when I met a few amazing women on my path…

And I found out that:

When you discover – and follow – your true calling,

it really CAN lead to freedom and fulfilment!

At first, it was a bit scary…. I had always believed that a girl should be sensible and stay in a secure job.

But that inner voice – call it a “divine discontent” – kept growing stronger…

And louder…

What did I have to lose!

So I decided to go out on a limb, and within a couple of months, I saw so clearly that….

When you begin to take those first steps towards doing what you are really meant to do, the Universe responds.

All the lights started to turn green! All the planets seemed to line up!

And there was a new kind of effortlessness I’d never known before.

I began studying what has become my work of passion.

And I met dozens of other women who were also listening to THEIR own inner voices as well…

Daring to follow their true path in life too.

It was incredible…. like finding my “tribe”…. my soul group…. each of us following our dreams.

Would you like to have a similar experience?

OK… great!

Well, this week, I will be conducting a private online seminar that will run for approx. 90 minutes…..

where I will be sharing my very best material with you….

the same tools that I applied, to achieve the freedom and fulfilment I enjoy today…

You see…

Up until now I’ve been mainly focusing on one-to-one consultations,

and people pay up to $300 for an individual session …

which can be a bit of a stretch for some.

And because there’s been a strong demand for this information,

I decided it was time to do some group work again….

and to make it exclusively for women ….

This web seminar is valued at $197, and I want to offer it to you as a gift.

So, you’ll receive the benefit of my own personal journey… the good & the bad….

for FR’EE.

Who is this Webinar for?

It’s for women who are:

– seeking a deeper sense of purpose, either professional OR personal

– budding entrepreneurs

– ”mum-preneurs” – with or without kids at home

– wanting to leave their day job (but don’t dare)

– choosing a new career

– longing for better relationships

– disenchanted with their current direction

– simply desiring to find their authentic self !

During these 90 minutes, I will cover:

– 7 Secrets you need to know (my own recipe for success)

– Practical steps you can begin to take right away

– Mistakes to avoid – what NOT to do

– Right-brain processes to access your inner voice

– Ways to stay motivated and inspired as you move forward


– The ONE Key Thing that, above all else, could well be your biggest ah-ha moment…. that could change everything for you!

So, if this resonates for you, register now…. as spaces are limited.

And if you’re not able to attend the live seminar, you will receive the recording afterwards.

But you need to register first to receive it.  See details below.

I am confident that you will be getting something of real value.

In a few short months from now, a year from now, and for years to come,

you may look back on this moment as a real crossroads in your life….

where a magical change began to happen….

The last time I hosted this same Webinar, we had 99 women from 11 different countries, which was very exciting.

Some of the comments from that event were:

“Awesome, Awesome Awesome!
You have helped me to work on an exit/entry plan to my next job”

“There were lots of very helpful secrets and steps
that will help me to unlock the fear
and go out and do what I love to do”

“You are such an inspiration on how you market
and continue to grow… your business (and life)
in such a variety of ways”

“I enjoyed it immensely – found it all very inspiring
and also down-to-earth grounded in the day to day stuff.”

“Wow! Congratulations, well done for following your path”.

So, whatever your area of passion…. whether it’s to:

– change the world
– save the rainforest
– be the best mother you can be
– have a successful home-based business
– live happily ever after with your soul-mate
– develop that hidden talent, or
– whatever it is for you… to pull that dream off the shelf…

then, I invite you to be part of this global gathering of women.

So come and join us.

I look forward to helping you light the fires of your true calling!


Wednesday 31 July 2013  @ 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM AEST   (Brisbane)

(which is 30 July in US & Canada — 6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern)


Thursday 1 August 2013 @ 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM AEST (Brisbane)

(which is 10 AM London UK time — 9 PM New Zealand time)

Warm wishes,


Miriam Schafer
Global Mentor

“Women with a Calling”

Noosa Heads QLD 4567
Tel: (61-7) 5455 4550
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