Analogy of the Bridge

I have been amazing since working with you.
From the very next day
I noticed a lightness of being
and a sense of excitement & joy
and possibilities for the future”
 (R.K. – Chiropractor)
Analogy of the Bridge
A bridge is such a rich metaphor….
My question to you is this:   where are you standing right now?
On “this” side….  about to walk forward…  wondering what you will discover as you take each new step?
Are you already on the “other side”?   Having completed one chapter, and starting out in new terrain?
Or are you somehow stuck in the middle of the bridge….  frozen to the spot…. 
Not moving forward…  but can’t go “back”….
Sometimes it can seem like there is a Grand Canyon… a massive gulf between where we stand…
…. and our “dream” on the other side.
But imagine for a moment, that you suddenly spy… a few paces on… 
a suspension bridge to close the gap….
To take you across that great divide to where you truly long to be.
Even if it’s a wobbly crossing….
I remember that movie with Meryl Street and Clint Eastwood,
“The Bridges of Madison County”….
All about “choices” and being torn between two options.
Maybe you resonate with this kind of dilemma…
So, again, where are you right now…
Hopefully, finding your way to where your soul is calling you to go….
Such a powerful journey…  and not always a walk in the park….
Also not an overnight trip, by any means….
More, a way of being…..  self-love in action….
Which leads to sharing that love with others…. perhaps even the world.
Food for thought.
Warm wishes,
Miriam Schafer
Global Mentor
Women with a Calling
Noosa Heads  QLD

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