Is it Time Now for YOU?

“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep.”
—  Rumi  (Persian poet)
As I lay in bed this morning….  listening to the sound of the waves…. 
a strong breeze came through my window from the ocean…
I thought of this poem by Rumi and then of all you incredible women…
“You’ve been walking in circles, searching.
Don’t drink by the water’s edge.
Throw yourself in.
Become the water.
Only then will your thirst end.”
—  Jeanette Berson
Because…. yes…  I’ve noted your thirst….
I’ve heard your longing….
I’ve read your words….
… telling me about your search for deeper meaning….
for more sense of direction….
to know which path is the right one for you….
You’ve shared with me your fear of failure…  and of going out on a limb..
I’ve also heard your voice of passion and excitement!
So let met ask you 2 questions:
No. 1. What do you need to do first about your OWN thirst….
No. 2.  How might you serve these other women (and men) on the planet…
      …. who need your wisdom…. your life experience….  and your unique talents.
The order of things, from my experience, is this:
To fill your OWN cup…. first… as a starting point….   
Because if you are still parched yourself, the giving tends to be false … or forced….
To get really clear about your road ahead
From the place of your FULL cup…. start bringing forth your beautiful gifts.
SO:   are you ready to get started?
Are you determined to “Feel the fear and do it anyway”?
To want what you truly want?    And to not go back to sleep?
Only you can know if your “Divine Discontent” has reached its use-by date….
Only you can tell if the time for new inspiration has really arrived…..
Could it now be YOUR turn?
OK.  Then let’s go!  
Let’s plunge into the waters of your true calling, together.
Prepare to be exhilarated from the swim!
Get ready to feast on your own life….
and to love again the stranger who was yourself….
“When you know that you are eternal
you can play your true role in time.
When you know you are divine,
you can become completely human.
When you know you are one with God,
you are free to become absolutely yourself!”
—  Mother Meera
My next mentoring program “LIVE Your True Calling” starts next week….
In this 5-Week Live Training, we will delve deeply into:
  • Your VISION for your own life
  • Creating a Goal Book to mirror that Vision
  • Your relationship with Money
  • Health and Lifestyle
  • Leisure and Relationships
  • Your Life Purpose & Passions
  • How your challenges become your Gifts
  • Getting Clear about YOUR unique Pathway
  • Identifying the steps to get yourself on-track
  • The BIG Picture of it all
  • Why it is your duty to shine your light !
The program includes numerous Resources & Bonuses….  including
—  A 45-minute True Calling Consultation, 1-on-1, to really help set your direction!
I’ve walked this path myself…  from frustration to freedom….
So I look forward to sharing with you, as you Discover…. Uncover….  Unfold….
and start to Live….  your very own True Calling.
Meanwhile, I hope the final days of 2013 are treating you well.

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