How to Discover Your Life Purpose & Start Living it Now

“You are only one inch, one step, one idea,
from turning onto the boulevard of beauty in your own life”
— Somerset Maughan
Do you still wonder what your purpose here on earth might be?
Is there a dream or desire that you secretly hold close to your heart…
that perhaps you don’t even confess to yourself?
In my work with women all around the world,
I find there is something that they often share in common….
A belief that:  it probably isn’t gonna happen…  not in this lifetime anyway!
This was my story too…   so if this is your story, then I know exactly how you feel.
Especially as you commence another year….
maybe you’re in the same job or same situation that drains your energy and makes you feel “invisible” and lifeless.
So would you like to hear the good news?
It’s this:
The mere fact that you have that secret desire….  for something else…  something better…   means that you also have the power within you to bring it into manifestation.
Otherwise, you wouldn’t have the desire.
The wisest teachers on the laws of the Universe will confirm this.
So….   If you’d like to know more about how you too can find the fulfilment you crave…
to live the ideal life you want…
I have a tried and tested recipe that you can follow…. in the kitchen of your own life…
I’ll be hosting a free Webinar this coming Thursday 16 January at 7 pm (Brisbane time zone AEST), on the subject:
“How to Discover your Life Purpose & Start Living it Now”
So please join me and other like-minded women.
Register here on the link below, and if you can’t be present for the live Webinar, then you’ll receive the recording afterwards… but only if you register.
I look forward to sharing this life-changing information with you.
Warm wishes,
Miriam Schafer
Life Direction Mentor
Women with a Calling
Noosa Heads QLD 4567
Australia Tel: (07) 5455 4550

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