Miriam photo
Miriam Schafer
Career & Lifestyle Consultant

Thank you for joining me.

“Women with a Calling” evolved from my own life experience.  Having lived in 7 different countries, over 20 years…  working with the Australian Foreign Service and the United Nations….  I reached one of those crossroads…. a turning point.

I knew there was something more I had come here to do.  And so began a new journey of discovery… to find my true direction…  a quest for deeper meaning and purpose…. to reach my “authentic life”.

So I bring to you a wealth of experience, having studied Energy Medicine with Barbara Brennan, “Synchronicity” with Deepak Chopra, NLP with Melissa Scott, plus a range of other modalities for personal transformation.

Since 2002 I’ve had a full-time Life Coaching practice in Noosa Heads, Australia, with clients world-wide.

I am passionate about empowering women, just like you, to discover your own true calling in life and to align with your path of highest potential.  My approach is to connect with you at a soul level —  to identify the unique gifts that you have to bring to the planet at this time — and then to assist you to activate and ground them, through a process of inspiration, motivation and transformation.

Please call me on +61-7-54554550 or Email mjs333@bigpond.com… to discuss how we could work together, to achieve your goals and intentions.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.




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