“For the first time in my life, I feel safe.  Safe in my own skin… integrated and whole.  Thank you so much Miriam for being the angel on my journey.”  –  Carol Vejle (Registered Nurse, Writer, Teacher)
“I have had the privilege of working with Miriam over a number of years… Miriam walks her talk.  If she is recommending something, it means she has done it and it has worked for her.  This sharing of her light — combined with her passion for beauty and pleasure — creates a space for genuine transformation of your deepest desires.”  —  Megan Brown, CE Psychotherapist and Social Worker (London / Brisbane)

“On a scale of 1 to 10 …. 10!   Loved it.   The in-house version of “Live Your True Calling” felt special and nurturing…  The awareness of perfect timing is also part of Miriam’s work.  Looking forward to the True Calling Club Retreat in May, where the group energy will be really powerful” — Gilly

“I am FINALLY on the path to my true calling…  thank you, thank you, thank you” — Jenny

“Women with a Calling” has been truly life-changing for me.  I found myself thinking in a totally new and uplifted way, immediately after Week One.. and the “dialling up” to higher levels of being has continued since then.  Two days after our final webinar, I won $850!

Miriam is a truly gifted teacher who intuitively leads and guides her students towards discovering their true nature as infinite creators.  I am so happy I signed up for this program.  I loved every second of it, and am thankful to Miriam for her passion, experience and for the love she has for life.  — Sarah Beazley

“This was such a great experience.  I knew there was no coincidence when I received the email from Miriam about this course and decided to take it.  She is the best person to walk by your side while searching for your true calling.  The True Calling Report, information and resources were invaluable.  I also enjoyed the homework.  This is such a unique course, so needed… as so many of us are looking to find our calling.  It was an eye opening for me and I now feel I have the tools to continue on my journey.  Thank you Miriam!    (Nathalie Champagne, Denver, Colorado)

 “Live Your True Calling” is a most powerful yet gentle nurturing 5-weeks you will encounter.  And the best thing is:  it is really just the beginning!   The tip of your “true calling” iceberg!  You will be reconnected to the true you and you will become brave again.  If you have a desire to bring back the joy, ease, grace, beauty and pleasure to your life, then this is definitely the place to be.  “Miriam puts such generosity into the classes and gives her all unconditionally….. to create a truly magical journey.  Honour yourself and spend 5 weeks bathing in your own unique Divinity”.   (Debbie Panagis, Business & Life Coach   http://www.loveandwisdom.com.au )

“I highly recommend Miriam’s program to any woman who feels that something is missing from any part of her life, and is searching for some guidance on finding it!   She will walk away with tools to help her navigate her way… She will have direction and feel empowered to take the steps to make her heart sing in the way she’s been dreaming of”.   (Donna Willett-Flockhart, Founder & Creative Director, “Bodhi & Me”)

“Miriam shows you how we are living in a new age where old ideas and mindsets about work, love and spirituality can radically change.  She is a guide for anyone and everyone willing to get unstuck…  from the prison of the wrong job / career / relationship.   Her program is soul-satisfying and impactful.  (Deb Silke, Registered Nurse & Mystic)

“A very powerful program… that will shift your life in ways unparallelled and unexpected!  A true blessing, to streamline your goals, and fast-track your intentions”.   (Jacinta Makim, Light Symphony Energy Alignment & Healing.  www.lightsymphony.com.au )

“Miriam inspires from her rich personal stories.  Her tools offered in the training program are deeply creative and are seeds of nurturance for the heart & soul.   I feel I have grown on so many, many levels – spiritually, creatively, focus, clarity, goals, understanding my life purpose from an individual and world view, money & energy flow, and a deeper connection to who I am.  Trusting my inner voice…   Learning now to live my truth…not only for me, but also for others, who in some way have lost touch with their own voice for whatever reasons…”  (Christina, Cellist & Composer – Sydney)

Thank you for the Envision Oil.  I can feel the difference when I put it on – feels a bit like a happy pill.  I think you have a unique product here with your course.  Your focus with the healing [energy transmssions] & astrology, the one-on-one consult… and with you being available on e-mail during the course – “on tap”, so to speak —  was just wonderful.”   (A.F.)

 I feel like I’ve had a peek… into another way to live life.. which really hadn’t occurred to me in the past… that I too can experience joy, love & abundance.   I definitely now have tools and resources to continue my journey.   Thank you for the exceptional way you have guided and supported me…. how exciting, scary and eye – opening your coaching has been…. and how much faith and hope has been restored in me.  Your  compassion has been heaven sent and provided a safe place for me to explore the ‘where to’ of this walk on the earth.”      (Janelle)


held in Noosa, Brisbane & Byron Bay

“What a privilege to attend this workshop. Miriam, you are a tremendous coach. Explained everything fully, so that all understood. Your warmth, enjoyment and love of your topic was conveyed to each one of us. Thank you. Thank you. If this material was presented to our youth, the earth would again be the Garden of Eden. I do hope you have another one soon.” (E.J.W

“What an uplifting day!” (A.B.)

“I would recommend the workshop to others who have lost their way and would dearly love to get back to the essence of themselves”. (T.B.)

“Miriam’s expression of wisdom adds beautifully to the content of the course she offers.” (H. R-S.)

“A thought-provoking, deeply moving day. It awakened my sleeping self.” (E.W.)

“Thank you, Miriam, for your insight, enthusiasm and inspiration, for imparting your knowledge and gifts so openly, for empowering me to recognise the light from within that will guide me at this time of shifts and changes.” (S.M.)

“An inspiring and enjoyable day — I am glad I did not miss this.” (G.A.)

“Miriam’s work seems to cut to the core of who I am and help guide me to be and know that “I am that, I am”, and to align me with the Universe”. (E.W.)

 “I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Extremely well presented. Interesting information. Made me feel relaxed and energized at the same time.” (J.T.)

“Miriam is full of powerful information to make us and this world a better place. How simple it is.” (C.T.)

“It was a very inspiring and grounded day.” (M.B.)

“The workshop was full of practical techniques which had a profound effect on me at a very real deep level.” (R.K.)

“Miriam’s love is the only thing that helped me come out of the dark within. I trust her, respect her and now I walk my life knowing Angels do walk among us.” (J.H.)

“I found the course interesting, enlightening and a real connection to both myself and others.” (K.B.)

“Miriam’s work is honest and full of integrity. Her kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness make working with her a joy.” (M.M.)

“Gave me a lot to consider in a safe and loving way.” (F.W.)

 “Very interesting day. I feel more energetic and positive about future endeavours.” (L.P.)

“I enjoyed and value Miriam’s workshop for her presentation and open forum participation. Her calming influence and explanations were very moving and will create a great shift within, so it will be without. Thank you. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to come along and gain more insight.”

“Before I came to do this my purpose was semi-clear to me. Now it’s clearer to me than before. I feel a strength in that.” (D.J.)

“It is a wonderful delight to see the changes revealed in participants as the day progresses. Their essence and light simply shine through.” (M.M.)


“I have been amazing since working with you.
From the very next day I noticed a lightness of being and a sense
of excitement and joy and possibilities for the future.”

(R.K. – Chiropractor)

“Miriam, you have helped me no end. You changed my life.
You impacted my son’s future. And you saved my marriage.
And I mean that.”

(Beck Mohammadzadegan – Director, Mumma Magic)

“Over a few years now I have had five sessions with Miriam, two in person and three long-distance. Each session has built on the previous and the results have been palpable and tangible. From across the Tasman I have sensed the change in energy quality and movement during the course of each session. Importantly, I always felt that permission was asked by Miriam every step of the way, and I have enjoyed the unfolding of the “work” in my day-to-day life.
I am amazed every time how Miriam’s post-treatment feedback has accurately mirrored my own experience and sense of what occurred during the session. I wholeheartedly recommend Miriam’s services; she is very gifted and very good at what she does. Furthermore, she is a delightful and genuine person to guide one through the sessions.”

(Larissa Morgan – Osteopath, New Zealand)

“I have had several sessions with Miriam during the past year….. I needed to recover from the death of my husband and the 2 years of intensive care giving preceding this. I have been pleased to go so much beyond that need. Besides helping with a few health issues, each session has peeled away a layer of old useless baggage. The last 2 sessions rid me of hooks from a long line of unhappy female ancestors. I am finally on the road to a joyful life. A burden was lifted and I feel light and free at last. Thank you Miriam.”
(KWM, Cooma, NSW)

“Miriam has a sensitivity and confidence that comes across so clearly through her therapeutic presence and her healing hands in her Brennan Healing Science energy work. I have been seeing Miriam as a therapist for over 6 years, and after every session I get amazing results. It seems like the gentle yet profound work she does shifts things in a magical and often surprising way, allowing change and balance to happen effortlessly in my life. I am deeply grateful for her insights and energy work (especially the hara and cord healings) which have impacted my life and my relationship with my husband, kids and core family in such positive ways. I would recommend Miriam’s work to all.”
(Terri Nicholson — Naturopath and Body-Centred Psychotherapist — The Channon, NSW, Australia)

“Tongue dry as shriveled sharks skin on hot dry sand,
Words fall out, crack and shatter when they hit the ground,
Soles baking dry with every step,
A cool, crystal clear glass of clean water,
Miriam Schafer, that replenishing Spring in an arid landscape.
That nourishing Spring following Winter darkness…..”

(Ronan, Co. Galway, Ireland)

“I have been on a spiritual journey for some years now, to consciously change “the blueprint” that has been set down for generations in my family. Meeting Miriam last year has provided the key to unlocking the past and subsequently providing explanations for behavious and events that have gone before. With the Hara Healing, I have felt an increased inner strength emerging and a lightening of the spirit. There is such a sense of wellbeing after each session and you experience such love, warmth and empathy from Miriam.
Thank you is just not enough!”

(“Warrior Woman” — Noosa Heads, QLD)

“My name is Dick and I live in Ireland. I first came into contact with Miriam and her wonderful work via a friend when I can only describe myself as being at my lowest ebb. I had no idea what the work would involve or just how much benefit i would gain from it, but I was willing to be open-minded and boy was I in for a surprise. First we chatted on the phone and then I was asked to lie down and relax and to try and free my mind of all my stresses and strains. Oh, and by the way, I may just drift off to sleep and hopefully wake up feeling somewhat better. Being slightly sceptical, I went off to my bed and lay down only to wake up two hours later feeling refreshed and surprisingly positive. I was amazed and full of questions. How could this work after a chat on the phone and a lie down, what forces were in play, how has it managed to travel across continents and time? Whatever it was it was powerful and it worked. That was seven years ago and I have gone on to work, on and off, with Miriam and still do.
We have managed to create balance where there was none, calmness instead of anxiety, understanding of ones own ability, the ability to see things from a different perspective when there was only a blank, and I also believe that my life has changed in so many ways since our initial chat. The changes come and can be subtle so as you may not notice, but others do .
I am always amazed when I get the feedback of exactly what went on from Miriam’s side of the planet and how correct it seems to be, not only in how it addressed the key issues, but also on how I will or should be feeling. Sometimes it takes a day or two, other times it can be fairly instant. If you ask me to explain how it works all I can tell you is I can’t, but I assure you it does.
Am I still sceptical? Not at all. Do I still fall asleep and wake refreshed and positive? Yep. Will I continue to work with Miriam and recommend her to others? Most definitely.
All we need is an open mind and a desire to work with those who have the gift and knowledge to help us to understand and work through whatever is causing us distraction from who we truly are or what we can become. I am most grateful to not only Miriam but also my friend who first introduced us.”

(Dick Page, Co. Cork, Ireland)

“I have been walking the path of self-healing and empowerment for over ten years, and Miriam’s Hara alignments have greatly assisted me towards reaching my personal and professional goals. Miriam is an insightful, caring and briliant practitioner. I recommend her to those seeking support to become the best they can be.”   (Lyvea Rose, Astrologer and Writer, Noosa Heads, Qld)

“I felt so relaxed after the session … not felt this way in a long time!Slept super well…..no insomnia.  My spirit is very relieved and I think this is what causes the physical side to follow.  Can’t thank you enough.”  (J. White, Los Angeles)

“Miriam is a talented practitioner and one of those amazing souls that exudes so much warmth and love, that you just feel healed being in her presence”. 

(Simone Matthews, “Universal Life Tools”  Noosa Heads)

“I contacted Miriam for help after many years of severe depression.  I had been diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder.  I found many of my relationships with family, friends and lovers painful and difficult.  I didn’t know what I wanted from life, either personally or professionally.  I was very stuck and found it really hard to function.  I tried several different therapies for help with these problems over the years with varying levels of success.

The healings Miriam has given me have had a profound and far-reaching effect on my life, which has changed dramatically in the last year since I started the healings.  I rarely get depressed anymore, and if it comes it’s a bit like an echo, and it doesn’t last.  I have also had a real decrease in anxiety.  I have a greater sense of life purpose and am studying at university for a degree in Counselling.  I have a stronger sense of who I am and there have been major shifts in my relationships which are much more nurturing and have much less painful triggering. I have greater self-love, self-acceptance and self-awareness and I am much more alive and energetic.  The healing sessions with Miriam have made all the difference, and my family and friends are noticing that difference.  I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have had such a deeply empowering healing.”

(Kate, Western Australia)

“I have received amazing relief from chronic pain which has troubled me for many years.  My energy level has also increased considerably, giving me more confidence.  I now look forward to enjoying the rest of my life with better health, thanks to these transformational healing sessions with Miriam…”

(A. McDowell, Brisbane)

“Throughout the healing process it became very apparent the skill and natural ability Miriam possesses in this healing medium. From the beginning, I recognized that there was tremendous validity in this type of work…. There were many interesting moments of physical and, unexpectedly, emotional awarenesses.  I would strongly recommend this type of healing method to those who may be seeking physical and/or emotional healing.”

(Pat L., Ottawa, Canada)

“I had a long-distance session with Miriam…. I am not sure what or even if I had any expectations. I only know that I was so ill with something verging on pneumonia that I was willing to try any other avenue for relief……. I don’t even know how to describe it, but I felt as though there was a healing going on at a deeper level than I had ever known. The next time I saw my Doctor he said it would no longer be necessary for him to send me to a pulmonary specialist as the fluid build-up seemed to be breaking up … this healing made a world of difference.”

(Lynda T., Bad Ischl, Austria)

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