For Men — Understanding Women

My friend Alison Armstrong has spent over 25 years studying what makes the sexes truly opposite — and in opposition to one another — and how to create extraordinary relationships while honoring our differences.  Her students RAVE about her content as the most “original” and life-changing, and her logic, sense of humor and pragmatic solutions will delight and deliver!


The confusion and misunderstanding can END when you get started with her online workshop Understanding Women.   It’s perfect for singles and couples alike.

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Mysteries and frustrations resolved!  This program helps you protect, love and take care of the women you care about much more efficiently, and have all you provide received.


  • Plus, are you in a relationship and wanna get lucky a little more often? This workshop will teach you how to cause and create more moments of connection


  • If you love a woman, you’ve probably seen one of her biggest struggles is about accepting herself …but acceptance is impossible without understanding.   Save her from fighting a losing battle by providing her with the gift of understanding herself.  This workshop will transform how she lets people love and contribute to her.


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