This book takes you up-close and personal with thirteen women who have each reached extraordinary heights of success in their chosen path.  In a candid and heart-warming way they share their inspiring stories and secrets to achieving greater personal success and happiness!


Lauren Burns (Olympic Gold Medallist)

Rosie Pekar (Dynamic Motivational Speaker)

Jo Cowling (Biggest Loser Contestant)

Mia Freedman (Former Editor of Cosmo)

Kim McGuinness (Founder Network Central)

Lisa McInnes-Smith (Best-selling Author)

Terry Hawkins (Human Performance Coach)

Jennifer Jefferies (Work/Life Balance Expert)

Denise Hall (Entrepreneurial Mother)

Cydney O-Sullivan (Multimillionaire Investor)

Miriam Schafer (Career & Lifestyle Consultant)

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Pay with Paymate Express

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