True Calling Program

Six-Week LIVE Training for Women —

Shows you how to find the Freedom & Fulfilment you truly deserve…

 ~~  2 x Special Bonuses (see below)  ~~

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Can you imagine how it would feel if you knew, beyond a doubt, that you were REALLY on your right path….  doing what you came here to do….  living your life according to your destiny…. and having a sense of ALIVENESS in every moment…

If this idea speaks to your soul, then you’re going to absolutely love this transformational  6-week journey.

This Program is designed for you, if you are:

  • seeking your true calling in life — either professional OR personal
  • transitioning to self-employment
  • craving a deeper sense of meaning and purpose
  • wanting to create more passion in your life
  • at a crossroads and confused about your direction
  • ready for a lifestyle of greater balance
  • seeking greater harmony in your relationships
  • simply desiring to find your authentic self

The Program includes:

—  6 x 90-minute Training Sessions in person (Noosa, QLD)

This is what you will receive in this Program:

Week One:  Creating Your VISION

  • Deep exploration of your Vision for your ideal life
  • Setting up your Goal Book
  • Fine-tuning what topics are most important for YOUR Goal Book
  • Creative ways to add more POWER to your Vision
  • Energetic anchoring in of your Vision

Week Two:  Career / True Calling

  • Bringing focus and clarity to your Career / True Calling
  • Making the connection between your astrological blue-print and your passions
  • Owning and claiming your innate gifts and talents
  • Highlighting key aspects of your own personal jigsaw puzzle
  • Activating your Soul’s Purpose

Week Three:  Being Woman

  • Exploring the nature of being female, through Venus themes of love and harmony
  • Bringing back balance to your own inner Masculine & Feminine energies
  • Rose consciousness… and its hidden velvet power
  • Discover your own Love Language in relationships
  • Access Divine Love through Sacred Geometry

Week Four:   Health / Lifestyle / Leisure 

  • Defining how and where you want to live
  • 21 key recommendations for a healthy lifestyle
  • Achieving work/life balance for your chosen path
  • Create your Pleasure List
  • Harnessing the power of Beauty to inspire you daily
  • Deepen your sense of self-love and deservability

Week Five:  Inner Wealth / Outer Wealth 

  • Exploring your Value System
  • Resources to increase your wealth consciousness
  • Exercises to push the boundaries of your money comfort zone
  • Getting clear about how much you want to earn or receive
  • Making a money plan / study plan / transition plan
  • Marketing tools to double your income (for business owners)

Week Six:  Putting it all Together — The BIG Picture

  • Pan the camera back and view your journey from a higher plane
  • Discover the value of “coincidence” and synchronicity
  • Tap in to the universal hologram of your path of service
  • Realise the connection between your vulnerability and your gift to humanity
  • Aligning with your Next Steps
  • Strengthening your TRUE ESSENCE

Special Free Bonuses include:

1.  A 75-minute one-to-one Coaching Session with Miriam as you set your intentions for the Program (valued at $175)

2.  A personalised  “True Calling” Report, which is like your own roadmap for the Program and beyond (valued at $140)

Additional Tools of Support you will receive:

  • Work-sheets for each week’s training
  • Follow-up Resources for each Module
  • Unlimited email support throughout the Program
“A truly magical journey… you will be reconnected to the true you
and you will become brave again…”
— Debbie Panagis
“This was such a great experience…
Miriam is the best person to walk by your side
while searching for your true calling…”
—  Nathalie Champagne
“I’ve had a peek… into another way to live life…
that I too can experience joy, love and abundance”
— Janelle Ruddy
“Highly recommended to any woman
who feels something is missing from any part of her life…
she will have the tools to navigate her way…  and feel empowered.
—  Donna Willett-Flockhart
“Miriam is a guide for anyone and everyone willing to get unstuck…
her program is soul-satisfying and impactful”
— Deb Silke
“A very powerful program… that will shift your life
in ways unparalleled and unexpected… a true blessing”
—  Jacinta Makim
“I feel I have grown on so many many levels…
trusting my inner voice… learning now to live my truth…”
—  Christina Christiansen
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SPECIAL OFFER:    $997 (Payment plan also available)

(TOTAL VALUE:  $2,200)


SO, if you are ready to take your life to the next level… and to start living your True Calling… then:

CLICK HERE BELOW — for 1 x Payment of A$997

Buy Now Button with PayPal


CLICK HERE BELOW — for 3 x monthly Payments of A$347

Buy Now Button with PayPal


Once payment is received, you will be sent a short intake form.  If you have any questions about the Program, please don’t hesitate to call me on 07 5455 4550 or email

I look forward to supporting your journey of discovery and fulfilment.

Warm wishes,

Miriam Schafer

Career & Lifestyle Consultant

Women with a Calling

Noosa Heads   QLD  4567  Australia

“Now that she had nothing to lose, she was free” – Paulo Coelho

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