Inspiring Products/ People/ Places

I’m excited to share with you some of the resources which inspire me. Following is a selection of people, products, speakers, authors making a difference in the lives of others…


Institute of Body Psychotherapy

The Institute of Body Psychotherapy is owned by Andrea Alexander as sole Director, with wonderful visiting guest speakers who are highly recognised for their expertise.  There is also an internship program where graduates are able to commence as assistants and gain experience as group therapists.

andreaAndrea Alexander is a passionate Core Energetics body/somatic psychotherapist. She has completed five years of training with the former Australian Institute of Core Energetics and four years with the Institute of Energy Science.  Andrea has been in full time private practice for twelve years.  She draws on her diverse background of integrative energy medicine therapies and mainstream psychology studies and holds a bachelor of science, majoring in Psychology, and an Honours degree in Psychology.  For more information, go to:  The Institute of Body Psychotherapy



Dr Gary Young’s commitment to understanding the remarkable power of plants has resulted in the world’s largest line of essential oils and blends. Gary has travelled the globe discovering how to best support both physical health, plus emotional & spiritual wellness.  His discoveries have helped hundreds of thousands of people experience the benefits of these potent Young Living Essential Oils.

Please call Miriam with any questions you may have about these amazingly pure & exquisite oils.

For orders, Miriam’s ID No. is 533452.



Cutting-edge and insightful Byron Bay-based magazine for health & well-being



MARION EGGER – Food Coaching and Soul Nutrition ‘Redefining our relationship with food’

Food creates our mood. What we consume manifests as our physical, spiritual and emotional state. We seem to lose sight of this basic fact too often in this modern world…

Marion is a personal development coach who has been passionately exploring super nutrition and food preparation for many years (see some of her recipes and information for well-being at:

She is continuously seeking out cutting- edge research in health and nutrition from the most forward thinking, outstanding Specialists in the fields.

Marion’s programs, coaching and consults assist people in transforming their eating habits, health and vitality in a holistic, delicious and uncomplicated way. Her goal is to make a positive contribution to the happiness and well-being of individuals and the planet as a whole.

Visit and sign up for her free Health-Tips.


DEEPAK CHOPRA (mind-body connection & “synchronicity”)

CAROLINE MYSS (sacred contracts and archetypes)

BRIAN WEISS (past-lives psychotherapist)

DON TOLMAN (“signature” foods & health revolutionary)

JONATHAN CAINER (astrologer extraordinaire)

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