Rose Retrieval Sessions


I’m so glad you have arrived at this page.  Please read on to see what a Rose Retrieval Session can do for you.

In case you are wondering if this service is relevant for you, see if any of these feelings and sensations apply to you:

  • a sense of imbalance between the left and right sides of your body
  • blocked energy down your left side
  • difficulty in receiving…   whether it be love, money, success, praise
  • thinking that life is an ongoing struggle
  • wanting to take time out and just RELAX, but unable to do so
  • feeling that your heart is blocked
  • giving up on joy and happiness

If one or more of these descriptions fit your situation, then chances are your “Rose Essence” is still honouring an old vow to stay hidden and suppressed.

It’s time now to come out of the shadows and into your radiance.  You will be amazed how one session can open up your inner Rose and have you feeling like your true self again.

On-going sessions are available for those who wish to keep expanding their rose bloom in ever-increasing fullness and vibrance.

Each session is tailor-made to suit you and your specific needs of the moment.

 “For the first time in my life, I feel safe.  Safe in my own skin… integrated and whole.  Thank you so much Miriam for being the angel on my journey.”  –  Carol Vejle (Registered Nurse, Writer, Teacher)

A Rose Retrieval is for 75 minutes — In-person (Noosa, QLD) or by phone/Skype (both options are equally effective)

Step 1:  Contact me, either by phone (+61 – 7 – 54554550) or email, to book your appointment or for any questions.

Step 2:  Once your appointment time is confirmed, please return to this page for payment (an on-line deposit is also available).  This then secures your space.

75-minute Session:   $175

Pay with Paymate Express  with Paymate   or   Buy Now Button   with PayPal

For Rose Circle Women and follow-up sessions:

75-minute Session:   $150

Pay with Paymate Express with Paymate   or   Buy Now Button   with PayPal

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Warm wishes,

Miriam Schafer

Career & Lifestyle Consultant

Women with a Calling

Noosa Heads   QLD


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