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Welcome to my Sessions page….

I am happy to present to you a menu of twelve different session options to choose from, according to what you may be needing at any given time.  See what theme resonates for you the most.

This body of work has been created to support your transformation — either for one, two or more individual sessions — or as a complete program over a 12-week period.

Each session includes energy work, which includes a combination of Brennan Healing Science, Sacred Geometry and Rose Consciousness.

Please scroll down for all details and contact information, and let me know if you have any question.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Warm wishes,

Miriam  xx


Session One — Your Personal Roadmap for 2020

Castle door

This session is all about setting your intentions for the year ahead… both in the big-picture context, as well as at a daily level. We will explore together your most cherished desires, knowing that nothing is off-limits… no plan is too grand or too simple. It’s about what you yourself value above all else. You’ll have the opportunity to bring the fresh light of day into this realm of your own value system. Once you know what your own values are – and this is most definitely a conscious process – then your Personal Roadmap becomes an exciting adventure. Without bringing focus to this topic, you can stay lost-at-sea for a long time. N.B. The trap we often fall into is: getting seduced into believing that other people’s values are the same as our own.

In this Session, we also weave in relevant aspects of your astrological blueprint, specifically the North Node. This provides key clues about your soul’s pathway and what it came to experience for its highest potential. We will also look at the planetary influences that are unique to you, for the year ahead and beyond. Your own inner light (via RoseInfusion ) will then continue to nurture and nourish your intentions over the months to come.

Session Two – The Gift in Your Wound


In this session we first take a look at where the planet Chiron sits in your birth chart. You will learn what you have brought into this life to heal within yourself, and, in turn, what you are here to help others heal. This may or may not be connected with your profession. This process is enhanced by dipping gently into childhood dynamics, which highlights where there may be a deeper need for self-compassion and self-nurturing. So often, we try to avoid or run from our so-called “wound”. My training from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing provides the foundation for this piece on the 5 character structures from age 0 to 7. We will shed new light on the meaning and purpose of what’s challenging for you present day, finding the corresponding gift – like the diamond in the mud. So, expect a 180 degree re-frame on how you view your past. You will receive a sense of renewed faith in your own inner strength and higher-self qualities that emerge from this exploration. Be prepared to end this session celebrating your so-called wound!

Session Three A. – Multi-Dimensional You

Chakra Woman

We know so much about the chakra system, from all of our various trainings and schools of information.  And sometimes, a simple re-visit can be refreshingly new and illuminating.  In this session, we look at the 7 main chakras and their different functions, meaning, psychology, colour, etc, including the rear chakras. We also explore the 7 levels of your energy field and discover where this dimension of your Aura fits in with the other dimensions of you, i.e. Core Star, Hara, Aura, Physical.  If there is a “weak link” in your own system, we then strengthen it accordingly, in a very integrated way. This session is immensely energising… especially when we bring in the RoseInfusion ™.

Session Three B. – Soul Business (includes Hara)


Here, we journey together into the realm of your soul, including (where relevant) retrieving aspects of your soul that may have split off during some kind of traumatic experience – either this lifetime or in a past life. This is a powerful session of energy work, where deep integration takes place, at a cellular level. We re-align your hara, tapping into your Soul Seat, as one of the key ports of call along the way. A stronger sense of purpose can emerge, as a result of the changes that take place energetically. A very sacred journey, as you get to reunite with aspects of yourself that may have been “lost but now found”. For those of you who are fans of the Brennan hara work, this session is the new table-less, living-room version. This is where Hara meets Rose.

Session Four – Are you living the dream?

Topiary     Secret Gateway

This is all about your Career & Lifestyle choices. An exciting and expansive session, where we bring focus to work/life balance, leisure time activities, creative pursuits, etc. This is primarily a left-brain process, as we brainstorm where you are at, and where you want to go… what you want to change. We chunk all this down into a specific plan, in order for you to find more fulfilment on your path… and to empower yourself to live more according to what “floats your boat”. Sometimes we limit our thinking about our ability to make fundamental changes in lifestyle, like a sea change (from city life) or travelling more (when we feel trapped in the day to day humdrum). However, you have more power over your circumstances than you might initially think. Again, creative change in any area starts with a first step. As always, with clear intention, it’s very possible that you can suddenly find yourself living more of your ideal lifestyle in a very short space of time. I’ve done it myself, and I’ve assisted others to do it too.

Session Five – Tarot or Rumi – Consult the Oracle

The World

A different kind of session, as we tap into a the wisdom and insight of the Tarot. I studied the Tarot during my Vienna days in the early 90’s and have been an avid card reader for myself and others ever since. I use the Aleister Crowley pack and have a couple of favourite interpretations that I share as follow-up resources. I also do readings with a wonderful pack of Rumi Cards, which has profound messages to offer. This is a fun and fulfilling session, where you get to draw on the ancient knowledge contained within one of these oracles, and the way they speak to the right brain through their symbolism. So I invite you to bring a specific question that you seek guidance on, in a particular area of your life.

Session Six – Healthy Choices for a Vibrant Life


This session is devoted to enhancing your health in ways that are enjoyable and in balance with your own rhythm. In fact, honouring your own rhythm is a key component to achieving and sustaining your health on all levels. We also delve into topics such as hydration, movement of the body, the health of your home environment, including personal care products, cleaning products, basic feng shui, and essential oils. We look at 21 basic principles, which I have personally researched and applied to my own life, over a period of 20 years. With this information, you will be equipped to instigate some positive changes into your own daily routine, at your own pace. Sometimes, the smallest easiest adjustment creates a positive ripple effect, that then snowballs into a whole new level of vitality.

Session Seven – Deep Rose

Blue Roses

This rich experience takes you into a deeper levels of Rose consciousness. We explore different aspects and different colours of the Rose and how their functions and healing powers vary. You will come to appreciate the magic and miracles that is available to you, as this process takes the Rose energy into multiple levels of your own being. This is deeply healing for your physical body, and highly uplifting for your spiritual transformation. I get to track with you where the various Rose tools are bringing their focus and attention. Through Divine wisdom, the Rose energy within you then moves onto auto-pilot, travelling into ever-wondrous recesses of your own Inner Sanctum… healing, repairing, strengthening, protecting. The Rose knows!

Session Eight – Languages of Love


Here we look at a specific relationship (or more) that you may wish to enhance, for a greater level of harmony in your own life. It may be a personal love relationship, or with a work colleague, or family connections. This is your opportunity to bring forth a current challenge that may be affecting your enjoyment of life. We weave into this session the philosophy of various experts in the field of Relationship, to support the process, i.e. The Five Love Languages, the work of Alison Armstrong, John Gray and other teachers.

Session Nine — Your World Service – Local or Global


This session is a supreme opportunity to think outside the square, and to develop an intention BEYOND your own personal desires. This may be of an altruistic nature, or to find some kind of Foundation that supports an area of your passion. This could lead to volunteer work, or even become your primary life focus. When you immerse yourself in an area where there is a certain need on the planet – for which you feel a particular resonance — the potential to make an impact has no limits. Often we don’t think of peering through these doorways. But when we do, magic and miracles can be awakened, both within ourselves and for the project itself. Not to mention the connection with a wonderful network of like-minded people.

Session Ten – Synchronicity … Dreams …. Signposts

Amazing Sunrise

Inspired by my time at Deepak Chopra’s Centre, this session is designed to bring you into closer alignment with the synchronistic forces of the Universe. We explore the connection between your dream life and your waking life, and we shine the spotlight on the inter-connectedness of the two, as well as the people, places, things in your world. (You’ll be invited to keep a dream journey.) Nothing is a “coincidence” when we look at life through a more magnified lens. This session is all about Oneness and you are given tools to navigate your way forward with enhanced awareness. This brings new hope and excitement about your place in the bigger scheme of things, as you embark on your Next Steps.

Session Eleven  —  Wild Woman Within

 Wild Woman & Wolves

This session is designed to bring you into deeper contact with your inner-most self.  We use as a resource the best-selling book, “Women who Run with the Wolves”, by Clarissa Pinkola-Estes.  You will be required to purchase the book and read at least 3 chapters of your own choosing.  Then, based on your own choice, we explore in-depth the chapter that has greatest meaning and relevance to your life…  whether it be connected to your childhood, or a current situation that the particular story is mirroring for you  Dr Estes is a Jungian Analyst and extols the power of story-telling as a way of plunging the depths of the psyche for healing.  We journey together into your next layer of transformation, in a safe container of love and compassion.

Session Twelve – The Venus Dinner


In this session, we get together over a delicious meal. Either in person, or on skype. Some things only get discussed in this kind of setting, that otherwise never come to light. There is only one proviso here. And that is: the conversation is limited to all things Venusian, i.e. love, beauty, art, music, poetry, books, harmony, good food, travel, gods and goddesses. You get the picture. And you get to lead the way, based on what is of utmost enjoyment for you.

This is where Pleasure takes centre stage, and we discuss only that which is uplifting and inspiring. No sad or bad topics of conversation. This then becomes a deep healing experience, especially if there has been any food-related trauma from childhood, or any “coupling” between food and negativity that may still be held in the psyche today, i.e. family dinners while watching the 6 o’clock news, etc. When food is approached with a sense of respect and relaxation, then the pleasure factor can easily turn to bliss. In the process, balance and moderation are natural outcomes.

If we are in the same area we will dine together…  either to prepare a couple of favourite dishes to share (we discuss the menu in advance) or to dine out.  In either case, simple and no stress.

If we live at a distance, we will do the same and dine together in front of skype, as if in-person.


So, I hope there is something in the above information that speaks to you and inspires you.

Each session is $150 for 90 minutes — In-person  or by phone/Skype.  To make a booking or for any questions:

Step 1:  Please contact me, either by phone (+61 – 411 – 505583) or email:

Step 2:  Once your session time is confirmed, please return to this page for payment.  This then secures your space.

To Pay by Visa or Mastercard,  CLICK HERE :     Pay with Paymate Express  via Paymate

To Pay by Direct Deposit, please email me for account details.  Thank you.

 Beautiful door

“For the first time in my life, I feel safe.  Safe in my own skin… integrated and whole.  Thank you so much Miriam for being the angel on my journey.”  –  Carol Vejle (Registered Nurse, Writer, Teacher)

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Warm wishes,

Miriam Schafer

Career & Lifestyle Consultant

Women with a Calling

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