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Destiny of Desire — a Luxury Retreat for Women

After Dinner
 Arabella Guesthouse, Buderim QLD
“There is no greater gift you can give or receive,
than to honour your calling.
It’s why you were born,
and how you become most truly alive”
— Oprah
hat if you could get away to an exclusive guesthouse…. 
secluded by nature’s forest….  within view of the ocean…
and spend 2 days and 2 nights being pampered in a relaxing environment….  
to stimulate your senses…  refresh your body-mind… and enrich your soul.
I am happy to announce a Brand Ne
w Event:
“Destiny of Desire”
–  a Luxury Retreat for Women —
22 – 24 April 2014
Arabella Guesthouse
a 4.5 Star Boutique B & B in Buderim
on the Sunshine Coast of QLD
This is a unique opportunity to Stop the Clock on your usual routine… get off the Rollercoaster… 
and join a small select group of women…. just 5 in total….
in an intimate setting….. and
in the comfort of this very tasteful venue.
Why is it called “Destiny of Desire”?
Because we explore the terrain … through a well-proven process (or Roadmap)…
from Point A – your Soul’s Desires this lifetime
to Point B — how to live according to your own personal Destiny.
You will experience the bigger picture of who you are and why you are here… 
& discover a more profound meaning and purpose for your life.
Here, first, is the back-drop:
Enjoy the relaxation of:
  • Your own personal Queen-sized Room, with private ensuite (there are no twin shares)
  • A 75-minute Day-Spa Treatment of your choice, i.e. rejuvenating massage or deluxe facial or manicure/pedicure
  • Yoga & Meditation Session on the 1st morning
  • 2 x complimentary bottles of Young Living Essential Oil Blends, i.e. “Abundance” and “Envision”
  • 2 x Gourmet Dinners, one at the famous “Harry’s On Buderim”
  • 2 x Healthy Light Lunches
  • 2 x Continental Breakfasts
  • Rainforest Walk nearby
  • 7-minute drive to Ocean for a refreshing swim or walk on beach
  • Free time in the charming village atmosphere of Buderim 
Here is what you’ll learn in this transformational 2 – 3 day event:
  • 7 Secret Ingredients to make your life a souffle, and not just an omelette
  • Common Reasons why most women continue to sabotage their happiness
  • How to avoid the painful mistakes, that keep women feeling stuck and stressed
  • 5 Key Habits of successful women who lead a balanced, vibrant life
  • Magical clues to a Happy Relationship and Greater Wealth
  • 10 Easy Steps to transform your every day (& your sense of self)…. Plus
  • The ONE Big (Simple) Thing that could change everything….   for the better, of course!
You’ll also receive:
  • A One-to-One in-depth “Ignite Your Passion” Session with me, prior to the Retreat, so as you’re on-track from the start
  • A personalised “True Calling” Report, prepared by me, based on your astrological blue-print, and emailed to you in advance
  • Your own personal Goal Book, ready for you to initiate at the Retreat
  • A Retreat Workbook, including pages for notes and exercises
  • Essential Tips for enhanced Health & Well-Being (based on 30 years of my own life’s research)
  • Valuable Resources from over 20 leading World Experts to support your journey…. long after the Retreat is over (many of whom were part of my own $100,000 education)
  • Energetic activations to ignite the Creative Power that dwells within you, to realise your goals (Priceless)
With the added value of:
  • Face-to-face, personalised attention
  • Authentic, heart-felt sharing with kindred spirits
  • Becoming a member of a special Community of Women
  • A strong group consciousness in place, from previous Programs
Webinars are great, but nothing beats the power of an in-person gathering and depth of bonding.
As your guide and hostess, I offer you a wealth of experience in this Program.  I am a coach, mentor, teacher, motivator and I seek to inspire women through my own life experiences.  (See link to “About Miriam” for more of my background)
There are numerous testimonials on this site… here are just a few:
“On a scale of 1 to 10 …. 10!   Loved it.  
The in-house version of the Program was so special and nurturing…
“I am FINALLY on the path to my true calling…
thank you, thank you, thank you”
— Jenny
“Women with a Calling” has been truly life-changing for me.
I loved every second of the Program, and am grateful to Miriam for her passion,
experience &
the love she has for life” 
— Sarah  

“The program has given me the resources to build a new way of doing things, and to allow the Universe to look after the details… how I love that!”

— Cathy

Entry to “Destiny of Desire” is By Application.
I like to first get a sense of what motivates and inspires you, and to hear of your personal intentions..
to see if this Retreat is the right event for you.
And as there are only 4 spaces available…
It’s a very up-close and personal time we will share together.
So i
f “Destiny of Desire” resonates with you and brings forth more of your soul’s longing
… then I invite you to:
1.  Click on this site
2.  View the Program outline
3.  Scroll down and activate your Payment (payment plan also available).  This secures your space, until we speak.
4.  I will then email you the short Intake Form
5.  Send it back to me ASAP and I’ll respond to you ASAP
If you are flying from interstate, Maroochy (or Sunshine Coast) Airport is less than 15 minutes drive from Arabella B & B.  Airport transfers are available.
Consider giving yourself the gift of this special life-changing experience.
I look forward to speaking with you soon.  And I hope to SEE you soon!
My warmest wishes,
P.S.  Again, the link is:  www.womenwithacalling.com/destiny
Miriam Schafer
Career & Lifestyle Consultant
Women with a Calling
P.O. Box 1204
Noosa Heads  QLD  4567
Tel:  07 5455 4550
email:  mjs333@bigpond.com

How to Discover Your Life Purpose & Start Living it Now

“You are only one inch, one step, one idea,
from turning onto the boulevard of beauty in your own life”
— Somerset Maughan
Do you still wonder what your purpose here on earth might be?
Is there a dream or desire that you secretly hold close to your heart…
that perhaps you don’t even confess to yourself?
In my work with women all around the world,
I find there is something that they often share in common….
A belief that:  it probably isn’t gonna happen…  not in this lifetime anyway!
This was my story too…   so if this is your story, then I know exactly how you feel.
Especially as you commence another year….
maybe you’re in the same job or same situation that drains your energy and makes you feel “invisible” and lifeless.
So would you like to hear the good news?
It’s this:
The mere fact that you have that secret desire….  for something else…  something better…   means that you also have the power within you to bring it into manifestation.
Otherwise, you wouldn’t have the desire.
The wisest teachers on the laws of the Universe will confirm this.
So….   If you’d like to know more about how you too can find the fulfilment you crave…
to live the ideal life you want…
I have a tried and tested recipe that you can follow…. in the kitchen of your own life…
I’ll be hosting a free Webinar this coming Thursday 16 January at 7 pm (Brisbane time zone AEST), on the subject:
“How to Discover your Life Purpose & Start Living it Now”
So please join me and other like-minded women.
Register here on the link below, and if you can’t be present for the live Webinar, then you’ll receive the recording afterwards… but only if you register.
I look forward to sharing this life-changing information with you.
Warm wishes,
Miriam Schafer
Life Direction Mentor
Women with a Calling
Noosa Heads QLD 4567
Australia Tel: (07) 5455 4550

Is it Time Now for YOU?

“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep.”
—  Rumi  (Persian poet)
As I lay in bed this morning….  listening to the sound of the waves…. 
a strong breeze came through my window from the ocean…
I thought of this poem by Rumi and then of all you incredible women…
“You’ve been walking in circles, searching.
Don’t drink by the water’s edge.
Throw yourself in.
Become the water.
Only then will your thirst end.”
—  Jeanette Berson
Because…. yes…  I’ve noted your thirst….
I’ve heard your longing….
I’ve read your words….
… telling me about your search for deeper meaning….
for more sense of direction….
to know which path is the right one for you….
You’ve shared with me your fear of failure…  and of going out on a limb..
I’ve also heard your voice of passion and excitement!
So let met ask you 2 questions:
No. 1. What do you need to do first about your OWN thirst….
No. 2.  How might you serve these other women (and men) on the planet…
      …. who need your wisdom…. your life experience….  and your unique talents.
The order of things, from my experience, is this:
To fill your OWN cup…. first… as a starting point….   
Because if you are still parched yourself, the giving tends to be false … or forced….
To get really clear about your road ahead
From the place of your FULL cup…. start bringing forth your beautiful gifts.
SO:   are you ready to get started?
Are you determined to “Feel the fear and do it anyway”?
To want what you truly want?    And to not go back to sleep?
Only you can know if your “Divine Discontent” has reached its use-by date….
Only you can tell if the time for new inspiration has really arrived…..
Could it now be YOUR turn?
OK.  Then let’s go!  
Let’s plunge into the waters of your true calling, together.
Prepare to be exhilarated from the swim!
Get ready to feast on your own life….
and to love again the stranger who was yourself….
“When you know that you are eternal
you can play your true role in time.
When you know you are divine,
you can become completely human.
When you know you are one with God,
you are free to become absolutely yourself!”
—  Mother Meera
My next mentoring program “LIVE Your True Calling” starts next week….
In this 5-Week Live Training, we will delve deeply into:
  • Your VISION for your own life
  • Creating a Goal Book to mirror that Vision
  • Your relationship with Money
  • Health and Lifestyle
  • Leisure and Relationships
  • Your Life Purpose & Passions
  • How your challenges become your Gifts
  • Getting Clear about YOUR unique Pathway
  • Identifying the steps to get yourself on-track
  • The BIG Picture of it all
  • Why it is your duty to shine your light !
The program includes numerous Resources & Bonuses….  including
—  A 45-minute True Calling Consultation, 1-on-1, to really help set your direction!
I’ve walked this path myself…  from frustration to freedom….
So I look forward to sharing with you, as you Discover…. Uncover….  Unfold….
and start to Live….  your very own True Calling.
Meanwhile, I hope the final days of 2013 are treating you well.

Your Flaws are what make you Perfect

Peacock feathers
“Like a peacock,
your beauty is multiplied
when you spread your wings
and show the world your stuff!
Don’t be afraid to be who you are –
each peacock feather is flawed and imperfect,
but collectively they create something of great beauty.
Your flaws are what make you perfect!”
—  (Unknown author)
In case you missed this newsletter previously, I wanted to share these inspirational quotes with you….  There is such wisdom in the words from these people who have become household names.
Steve Jobs “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”
– Steve Jobs
Oprah Winfrey “What I know is, if you do work that you love, and work that fulfils you, the rest will come. I truly believe the reason I’ve been so financially successful is because my focus has never been on the money.”
Oprah Winfrey
Donald Trump “You have to love what you do. Without passion, great success is hard to come by. An entrepreneur will have tough times if he or she isn’t passionate about what they’re doing. People who love what they’re doing don’t give up. It’s never even a consideration. It’s a pretty simple formula.”
Donald Trump
Wayne Dyer “When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focussed on giving of myself and everything that arrived in my life, then I was prosperous.”
Wayne Dyer
As you will see, these successful people seem to have a few things in common….
Passion….  a sense of purpose….  doing what they love…..  following their own inner voice….
And, taking on board the peacock quote above, each of them has chosen to express who they are in the world…. 
They’ve had the courage to strut their stuff…  despite their flaws….
So what does your inner voice call you to do….  as an authentic expression of yourself… and your own talents…    
Do you feel “flawed” in some way, and hold back from dancing to the beat of your own drum?
Could there possibly be amazing gifts and beauty within your own flaws?
This is actually a theme of my work… i.e. to join the dots between the area of your vulnerability and how to find the power within that, as part of your service to humanity.
If this is a topic you’d like to explore further, in either a one-to-one “Ignite Your Passion” Consultation, or via my “Life Your True Calling” Program, then I invite you to follow the links to my services on this website.   There is also a Home-Study option.
And if you’d like to discuss any of the above with me personally, please feel free to call me on (61-7) 5455 4550 or email  mjs333@bigpond.com
“People are crying up the rich and variegated plumage of the peacock,
and he himself is blushing at the sight of his ugly feet”
(Unknown author)
Love and good wishes
Miriam Schafer
Career & Lifestyle Consultant
Women with a Calling
Noosa Heads  QLD