Understanding Men


Alison Armstrong has spent more than two decades finding out how men really think, feel, love, and commit. What you’ll learn from her Understanding Men online course is a game-changer.


Find out:

  • Why normal attempts to connect with men cause distance instead of connection
  • Which words and attitudes will inspire men to act on your behalf, without nagging or manipulation
  • What makes a man “clam up” vs. what causes him to share himself (and be glad for the opportunity)
  • How to have a man commit to taking action for real


“The Understanding Men course is life-altering!…Truly, the seemingly simple concepts taught in this course are profound, powerful, and result in positive change immediately. I am astounded at how quickly my decades-long relationship has shifted from tension and resentment to harmony and caring.” — Anonymous, Santa Cruz, CA


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It’s tough enough out there, might as well keep the peace at home. Illuminate and heal past hurts and misunderstandings, and gain excellent ~ simple ~ tools to apply for immediate results.

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